Sermons in: Ecclesiastes

Dec 06, 2020

Faithful Stewards

Many of us would love to be used by God, but the fear of the unknown...

Nov 22, 2020

Wisdom Is Better

Our culture is swimming in a sea of information. However, for all of...

Nov 15, 2020

Eat, Drink, Enjoy

There are moments when life makes sense. However, so much of what we...

Oct 11, 2020

The Death of Death

Human beings have solved plenty of problems over the years, but we've...

Oct 04, 2020

Fear of the Lord

Many today have dismissed the idea that God is a being we need to fear...

Sep 06, 2020

Gifts Make Bad Gods

There are plenty of ways we can try and find meaning and purpose in...

Aug 30, 2020

All is Vanity

What is the meaning of life? This is a difficult question, and human...

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