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Little City Lesson July 19 and MORE!

Posted by Elizabeth Roysdon on

Updated resources for CoG Kids and parents!
1. Video Church
2. Memory Verse Challenge
3. Sermon Notes for Kids
4. Feedback Link
1. Video Church: Use this link to access a Vimeo Showcase titled "CoG Kids July 19." This is a series of worship songs for kids, Bible lessons, and a memory verse challenge. There are multiple ways that you can utilize this based on your family's needs. You can play all of the videos back to back (just start the first one and it *should* autoplay each one after that). The entire showcase is designed to be around 34 minutes long (the length of the average sermon). You can also pick and choose which videos you want to play. Because of the rights to the curriculum, this showcase will only be available for 1 week and will require the password: cogkids to access.
You may also access coloring and activity pages related to the lesson here.
2. Memory Verse Challenge: Whether you choose to show your kids the video church or have them watch the sermon with you, they can participate in the Memory Verse Challenge! Have your kids memorize Revelation 21:5 and record them reciting it. Then email it to me at for the chance to be featured in next week's video lesson! View a video of the memory verse with hand motions here.
3. Sermon Notes for Kids: We have created "Sermon Notes for Kids" to help any kids at church or watching the sermon online pay attention. Copies will be provided at the communion table or can be printed here. If you are coming to church, bring your own writing utensils!
4. Feedback Link: As I continue to develop new programs for our kids, I need your feedback! Please fill out this form with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns!

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