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New Sermon: Seeing Jesus Clearly

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

It's easy for people to become consumed by anxiety, worry, or fear, especially when things seem out of our control. So, what do we most need when we're facing times of uncertainty? John reminds us in Revelation 1 that often what we need is a fresh vision of Jesus. We need to behold Jesus as he...

New Sermon: One Thing is Necessary

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

It's so easy to fill our schedules and to-do lists with relationships, obligations, and commitments that require constant attention. However, if we're not careful, the constant distractions of this world can keep us from focusing on what is most important. What would it look like to reorganize...

New Sermon: Trusting God's Promises

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

There are times in life when it's difficult to trust God. In those moments, one of the most powerful tools we have is the ability to remember God's faithfulness in the past. How can the faithfulness of God keep us close to him in the present and help us remain faithful into the future? Check...

New Sermon: My Soul Magnifies the Lord

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

When we experience an incredible amount of joy, sometimes we can't help but sing. If that's true, it shouldn't surprise us how many songs we find in the Bible connected to the birth of Jesus. When the Son of God finally came to earth, people couldn't help but be overwhelmed with excitement...

Year End Survey

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City of God's Year-End Survey for 2020 is now available to fill out. Your feedback is essential to COG leadership as we look to lead and serve well in the years ahead. We'd appreciate it greatly if you'd take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us.

New Sermon: Faithful Stewards

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

Many of us would love to be used by God, but the fear of the unknown keeps us from stepping out in faith. However, God has given us everything that we have so that we might accomplish his mission on this earth. What would it look like for us to reorient our lives so that we are primarily focused...

One Approach to Voting

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

This tool is taken from David Platt's book "Before You Vote." You can purchase the book here.  "Because the world is not the kingdom, we will often find ourselves faced with potential compromises - times in which we must make hard decisions, and we could conceivably make a case for the...

July 5 - Worship Lyrics

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

All I Have is Christ VERSE 1I once was lost in darkest nightYet thought I knew the wayThe sin that promised joy and lifeHad led me to the graveI had no hope that You would ownA rebel to Your willAnd if You had not loved me firstI would refuse You still VERSE 2But as I ran my hell-bound...

COG July Update

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

City of God Family, I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend. I wanted to send you a couple of reminders and updates as Sunday draws closer. First, we have a short member’s meeting scheduled for immediately after the service on Sunday. If you are unable to attend, we will e-mail...

Details for Sunday

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

City of God Family, We are so excited to have the opportunity to worship with some of you in person this Sunday. As you prepare for this weekend, we wanted to give you a few details on what you can expect as we return to Lafayette Christian School. Sunday will be a regular service with worship...

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