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COVID-19 Update

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

City of God Family,   Recently, Governor Eric Holcomb announced that Indiana’s mask mandate would transition to a mask advisory on April 6. How will this announcement impact worship services at City of God? The following changes will go into effect this Sunday based on the...

New Sermon: The Accuser Has Been Thrown Down

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

Revelation makes clear that the Christian life is hard, but God has not left us to fend for ourselves in this struggle. What help does God provide? Check out our latest sermon from Revelation 12 for more. You can hear "The Accuser Has Been Thrown Down" below: Apple Podcasts Spotify City of...

New Sermon: Warnings & Witnessing

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

What is the book of Revelation trying to teach us through the seven judgments of God that accompany the blowing of the "trumpets?" There are times when God's judgments are actually warnings to his creation to wake up before it is too late to turn back to him. If this is God's heart, how should...

New Sermon: Making Sense of Suffering

Posted by Eric Roseberry on

At some point, everyone wrestles with an important question. If there is an all-powerful, all-knowing, and good God over all things, how can there be so much suffering and evil in our world? Revelation 6-8 attempts to help us make sense of suffering. How can we make the most of the time we have...

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